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Members enjoy the benefit of accumulating points at TRHA endorsed shows based on placing in the different classes.

2024 Membership Form

Click the link to get your 2024 Membership Form submitted.

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Some key eligibility requirements for year-end awards:

Rider and horse combinations are eligible for awards.

Rider's membership must be current before the show starts in order for any points at that show to count.

Rider and horse must compete in at least 50% of the eligible shows to qualify for a year-end award.

At shows that may have 2 slates of classes, the 2nd slate will be the class used to determine point earnings.

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TRHA Ranch Fuel Shootout

Rookie L2 and Green Reiner L2

There will be 2 qualifying shows, the 100X Cowtown Classic and the 100X Brazos Slide, for the TRHA Ranch Fuel Rookie L2 and Green Reiner L2 Shootout that will be held at the 100X Reining Classic. The Top 5 composite scores for the 2 slates of Rookie L2 and Green Reiner L2 at each qualifying show (100X Cowtown Classic and the 100X Brazos Slide), will earn the opportunity to compete in a clean slate shootout competition 100X Reining Classic.

Shootout Championship prizes in both Rookie L2 and Green Reiner L2:

•Bumper pull 2 horse trailer

•Trophy saddle


•And more!

100X Cowtown Classic Green Reiner L2 Qualifiers:

Emily Fernandez & Reiningwiththestars

Hannah Marie Borders & Mega Trash

Lanie Petroll & Xtra Miss Wimpy

Ruthie Mueller & Crown On Lets Whiz

Ellie Petroll & Spooks Smoken Chex

100X Cowtown Classic Rookie L2 Qualifiers:

Taran Koch & TR Silver Step

Hannah Marie Borders & Mega Trash

Courtney Hammit & Ruff Spook

Isabelle Sobral & Frame Draggin

Lynette Payne & Dun Lost My Gun

Dana Wetherell & Spat Toy Boy Gun

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TRHA Member Spotlight:
Linda Sawyer

Read the full article here!

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