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Members enjoy the benefit of accumulating points at TRHA endorsed shows based on placing in the different classes.

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Some key eligibility requirements for year-end awards:

Rider and horse combinations are eligible for awards.

Riders membership must be current before the show starts in order for any points at that show to count.

Rider and horse must compete in at least 50% of the eligible shows to qualify for a year-end award.

At shows that may have 2 slates of classes, the 2nd slate will be the class used to determine point earnings.

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Member Spotlight

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Daisy Chenoweth

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Updated 10/04/2023

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Be sure to tag @TexasReining in your social media posts & don't forget to use our offical hashtag: #TexasReining

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2023 Active Members

Updated as of 05/09/2023

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